The Legality Of The StageBerner

The Legality In 3 Gun Matches

The StageBerner is NOT considered a speed loading device and is legal in all divisions in 3Gun Nation and USPSA rules. A speed loader is a loading system that uses a "Device" to insert shells into the loading port. The StageBerner only holds the shells, the shooter needs to manually load shells into the port using their thumb and fingers, not a "Device"

Recently on FaceBook, Rob Romero who is the Director of Competition for 3 gun Nation stated:

"The current rule on a what constitutes a loaded gun is clear. This (StageBerner) does not break that rule" He further states that "When it becomes a "Device" then we will cross that bridge. There has been examples where as many as 6 shells were attached to the receiver. Unfortunately, they weren't configured well for reloading. I think as long as they're being manually inserted, aren't connected to a ridged "Device" and still require a refined technique there within the boundaries of legality"