Gun Mounting

Go to Installation page for detailed instructions. You can choose to mount your StageBerner using only the included 2 sided adhesion or with the added security of a mounting screw. If you choose to mount using a mounting screw, trigger guards that are metal will be required to be drilled and tapped. We suggest having a gunsmith do this for you. However, If you want to do this yourself, we offer a bit, tap and tap wrench at a great price point when you are ordering your StageBerner, in a drop down menu, or you can use your own. We also offer more double stick tape at a great price if you like

Adding Shells

The StageBerner (PATENT PENDING) consists of two super magnets, surrounded by a propitiatory blend of high strength, impact resistant injection molded plastic. Designed with precision in a geometry that allows for fast, smooth loads with ease and consistency every time you use it. StageBerner will keep two shells secure and ready whether your gun is staged, port arms or low ready.

Simply place the primer side of one shell on the small magnet face and another shell on large magnet face making sure it sits in the notch. That's it!.

Lock & Load!

Setup is complete, and the StageBerner is ready for action!

It's now time to practice and enjoy the fastest way to load 2 shells into your gun, improving your speed for future matches.