What Is The StageBerner?

StageBerner Product Picture

The StageBerner is a revolutionary product designed specifically for 3 gun shooters. The StageBerner allows the shooter to load an additional 2 shells after the beep to get an advantage over their competitors, and lower their stage times. This will lower the number of factors involved during a stage, and allow you to direct all your focus towards speed, and accuracy. The StageBerner will securely hold the shells on your gun from any start position such as port arms, low ready, table start, and even dump barrel. As we all know, the 3 gun rules state that a shooter can have a maximum of 9 shells loaded in the gun at the start of any stage. The rules state nothing about having additional shells affixed to the gun, and so, the StageBerner was born. When using the Stageberner you can add an additional 2 shells before any stage increasing your loaded shells from 9 to 11. Once you hear the beep, you can easily load the 2 shells on the StageBerner into your shotgun in under a second. If you couple the StageBerner with the MatchSaver you will now have 12 shells instead of 11; giving you an even better advantage.


Load Faster

The StageBerner allows you to load an extra 2 shells in under 1 second


The StageBerner is compatible with most popular 3gun shotguns including the Benelli, Stoeger, FNH, Beretta, Versa Max, and JM Pro.


The minimalistic design eliminates conflicts to ensure a smooth reloading experience every time. 


The StageBerner is made of high strength injected molded plastic and is attached to the trigger guard using a screw & adhesive double sided tape. The magnets are protected with a PVC film for added strength.

Light Weight

Adding accessories is an essential to most 3gunners, yet adding weight is not. The StageBerner is made of high strength, light weight plastic so you wont even know its there. 

Quad Loading

Not only will the StageBerner allow you to load 2 additional shells after the beep, its low profile allows you to effortlessly load two or quad load for follow-up loading.